Despite what you might think, we are not a team of super-human businessmen who got into this field with all the experience in the world since the age of two. Sadly, we are just a bunch of nerds that work hard to provide quality services for their customers.

We had to say this because the rumors of us having superpowers are not true.


We strive to deliver what others can't, results. We not sleep or eat, we will get it done. Our approach and meticulosity recommend us for the task.


We hope for a world where there would be no bot / generated traffic and where publishers convert 1 out of 10 visits on their websites. We are not there yet, but in time...


We treasure quality over quantity and by doing that we improve all user experience while surfing the web. Before, you needed 4-5-10 ads to monetize your page, now you only need 1.



As you may have already figured out we are an ad network. As any respectable ad network would do ( you get the idea? we are respectable! ), we focus on a single type of ad, the layer ad. But we don't just offer layer ads, we had them improved with visitor interactions, feedback and timers. The results are amazing! Our publishers get up to 300% more revenue from the same websites, traffic and pages.

Easiest start possible

Forget about waiting days or even weeks. We want you to be able to do it fast and start generating income even faster. It's withing our own interest as well.

Ads that do not annoy

We are 100% aware of how harmful ads are for maintaining the engagement of your visitors. We offer you a solution that will not annoy visitors while increasing your income.

Transparent partnership

Stop trying to realize what others mean by complicated terms and hidden rules, ripping you off your hard earned income. You get 80% we get 20%, it's as easy as that.

Super-fast payments

We would like you to forget about outrageous payment terms such as NET30 or NET60. Withdraw whenever you decide to via PayPal with a minimum of only $1.00 USD.

Realtime statistics

Stop waiting and start planning. We offer realtime statistics and reports, therefor regardless of the type of report you need, you have it on your left click, in realtime.

Manual optimization

Everyone brags about amazing algorithms imitating a human's work. We are not arrogant enough to think we can imitate a human mind. We just hire people...


This is the part where we tell you what we really thought of... We could have created 50 more pages filled with nonsense, or written a dozen of articles containing the same thing, we just thought we'd spend that time on something that actually matters, like campaign optimization and management or building new partnerships with advertisers to increase your revenue even further.